Productive Snow Day

Thank you for the snow day!  Very productive Maggie cranking out the comfort pillows for our friends in breast cancer treatment.  Very blessed Maggie continues to support Grace Cancer Care Ministry with her sewing skills.  Very Cool!  Thank you!

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2018 Database Update “We are ready to serve”

Welcome to a new year of service and opportunity. We are thankful for all the volunteers who have supported Grace Cancer Care Ministry of the last 7 years.  WOW, 7 years of watching God work in our community is pretty awesome.

We are updating our current database to make sure we are able to quickly and efficiently find volunteers to meet the various needs of our families.

Please consider completing this quick update form.   We continue to praise God for each and every act of kindness shared with our families through Grace Cancer Care Ministry.   Thank you!

If you would like to be removed from our GCCM data base there is an opt out option on the form.  Thank you again for all the support over the last 7 years.

If you would like to share this post with anyone else who you think might be interested in serving, please feel free to forward the link below.

Thank you for updating our database with this link.

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Believe….1st Timothy 4:10

That is why we labor and strive, because we have put our home in the living God, who is the Savior of all people, and especially of those who  believe.

We are blessed by the body of believers in our community.  From the neighborhood in West Willow Street who gather each year for a fun fund raiser blessing others, to friend & family gathering at a home in Millersville to bake and deliver sweet treats.

God’s love shines brightly through the labor of others.  Thank You!


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Penn Manor Girls Volleyball All-Stars on and off the Court

WOW, GCCM families are blessed by the energetic Penn Manor Girls Volleyball Team.   The JV & Varsity girls bonded on October 5 by skipping practice to lend a helping hand.

Half  the girls provided lawn clean up for a family which included weeding flower beds, gardening and pruning.  They even recruited an energetic Dad to haul all the lawn clippings to the dump.  Take a look here…

The other half of the team provide wood chucking and wood stacking for another family with a fallen tree.  The girls moved and stacked wood for the winter heating season.  Friendships and muscles were strengthen.  Take a look here…

After resting over the weekend the girls picked back up on Monday morning preparing twice baked potatoes and home made apple sauce.  Grace Cancer Care families will enjoy their hard work.  Take a look here…

Finally, during their volleyball games the girls collected financial donations to contribute to Grace Cancer Care Ministry.  100% of their donations will directly impact families in the Penn Manor School District in a cancer journey.

Caring and compassion were evident as they worked together as  “One Team” to complete all the tasks. We are overwhelmed with their generosity, commitment to community and hard work.

Thank you Penn Manor Girls Volleyball, Coaches and Parent Volunteers!

It’s  great to live in Comet Country!  



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MU Student Awareness

October brings fall colors, changing of seasons and Breast Cancer Awareness.   On the campus of Millersville University students are encouraged to participate in a fun day of Breast Cancer Awareness.  For several years Grace Cancer Care Ministry has participated in the event.  Julie & Anne are our BreastAVille volunteers.

Students learn how they can step-out in faith and serve in our community.
Big shout out to Julie and Anne for their joyful hearts during this awesome event!


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September 2017 Update

Matthew West sings this song:  If not us, then who, If not me and you
Right now, it’s time for us to do something, yeah
If not now, then when, Will we see an end
To all this pain, Oh, it’s not enough to do nothing
It’s time for us to do something

GCCM continues to reach out into our community with caring volunteer servants.  We have faithfully served 79 families in the Penn Manor and MCC community since 2012.  Cooking, driving, cleaning, praying, sharing, hand holding, mowing, raking, knitting, sewing, loving and caring for families in a cancer struggle.

Many families have found GCCM to be a great ministry to teach their children how to step-out in faith and share God’s love with family, friends and strangers.  Blessings flow in both directions when serving others.

Thank you to ALL the GCCM volunteers for you continued service.

Thank you to all the families that allow us to share God’s love through actions of time, talent and service.

Current needs are:  table ready meals, gas cards, soups, local drivers and prayer partners

If you would like to know more about GCCM, please contact Julie Ehrgood, Shelby Foster, Carol Bond, Joni Brandy, Donna Tallarico or Laura Henry.


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Repost – Bringing Cancer Into the Light

This is a quick read with some good tips for brining cancer into the light.

Cancer is awkward!  Read how to combat some of the obstacles.


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